Why codfish is much better for our health than red meat?

By Manuel Luciano da Silva, M. D.

Why is codfish much better for our health than red meat such as beef and pork loin?

Because cod fish has excellent dietetic qualities

(1) Has less calories because it has no sugar. It is excellent for diabetics.

(2) It has as much protein as beef or pork.  Therefore  is excellent for growth!

(3) It is a fatty fish but with the right kinds of  fats: linoleic acid and omega- 3,  both lowering  the  bad cholesterol!

(4) It is rich in calcium to prevent osteoporosis.

(5) It is rich in phosphorus, needed for the good functioning  of our brain.

(6) It is poor in iron, therefore preventing heart attacks.

(7) It has the same amount of salt as our plasma.

(8) It is very rich in potassium which is necessary for the healthy contraction of our muscles especially the heart.

(9) It is rich in iodine necessary for the  normal functioning of our thyroid gland.

(10)  It is rich in fluoride necessary to prevent cavities.

(11) It is very rich  in vitamins A, D and complex B

 Why? Because the codfish eat lots of plankton.

What is plankton?

Plankton is a Greek word that means " life that floats".

Plankton is a huge gathering , like a "green sheet",  that  floats in the oceans, composed by many trillions of  microscopic organisms.  Phytoplankton if it is vegetal, like algae. Zooplankton if it is composed of animals such as crustaceous  and protozoans.

The exposition of plankton to the sun,  because of  the phenomenon of photosynthesis,   acquires a  high concentration of vitamins  on which all the fishes have a  delicious meal  including  the codfish.

When we sail in the sea we can observe a certain florescence on the sea level due to reflection of the light on the plankton.

      (12) I am sure you have heard of the cod liver oil,  very rich in vitamins,  a  very good tonic  for the children and grown ups.

     (13) Because of the excellent qualities described above,   codfish is an anti-oxidant, therefore good to prevent  us from getting old!

(14) We do no know yet if  codfish lowers the Homocystine  which causes  heart attacks when it is above normal values.


We should  further analyze the effects of the linoleic acid and omega  on our health:

(1) They decrease the bad cholesterol in our blood;

(2) They increase he HDL or good cholesterol

(3) They decrease the triglycerides s of bad fats

(4) They increase eh capability of exercise.

(5) They prevent the aggregation of platelets (forming blood clots)

and therefore decease the chances of heart attacks and strokes.

(6) The suppress the division of the cancer cells.

The codfish and the chicken egg

  For many years Medicine considered the chicken egg the most complete type of food. Bu presently, due to the fact that the chicken egg is very rich in cholesterol (the yolk), cod fish is superior for our health because of the excellent qualities described above.

The codfish DECEASES the bad cholesterol , while  beef or pork loin increases the bad  cholesterol, causing formation of arteriosclerosis in our arteries especially the arteries of our heart and brain.

Viva  the codfish!  Long live the codfish,  our true friend!


Specific effects of linoleic and omega 3 acids:

           (1) Decrease the bad cholesterol in our blood

           (2) Increase the HDL or good cholesterol

           (3) Decrease the bad triglycerides or bad fats

           (4) Increase the capacity of exercise

Decrease the aggregation of the platelets, therefore preventing  heart attacks and strokes.